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Responsive black and green site template with one column, featured content (stick pages), search, static pages (navigation top links), support up to 3 plugins at the bottom page, and some configuration in init.php.

Download for Bludit v3.x


  • Languages: English and Portuguese.
  • Default cover image size 200x100px.
  • Some CSS classes are available to use in your Bludit source code editor: left, right, center, w25, w50, w75, border, bg, opacity and grayscale.
  • Logo image 228x204px (background header color #555555 — use that color when you create your logo to center image).
  • File init.php — Set number of sticky pages on home page (variable $NUMBER_STICKY_PAGES_HOME_PAGE); Set the name of author (variable $authorName — meta tag info [default site footer info] ); Switch between 2 paginator types (bool $IS_PAGINATOR_BY_NUMBERS [default false]); Allow default image (bool $IS_COVER_IMAGE_FALLBACK_SET [default true / false don't show image]) and set image location ($_DEFAULT_COVER_IMAGE [default image generated from placeholder.com]).


For more information or extra configurations, visit the developer's site.

More information

Last update: 2021-02-12

Version: 1.0.3

Author Fabiano Santos