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Beautiful and functional at the same time. A modular, highly tweakable responsive one-page theme designed by HTML5 UP team. Interesting (staggered) layout of records on the page

Live Demo Download for Bludit v2.x


  • You can adjust the elements, color, orientation, alignment of content and position of the image.
  • The theme has the functionality to create a gallery. The gallery can behave like a lightbox (if the lightbox class is set), and you can also adjust its style and size, assign additional parameters to it.
  • The theme has a grid for organizing elements of different types. You can customize its style and size.
  • Free for personal and commercial use under the CCA 3.0 license.


For more information or extra configurations, visit the developer's site.

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Last update: 2018-01-10

Version: 1.0

Author Diego